Gisborne Farmers Market

Would you like to become a Vendor

Are you a local producer looking for a place to sell your produce. Then look no further, the Gisborne Farmers' Market fmaybe just the place for you.

Below are a number of documents all relating to our market and the requirements of what you will need to do prior to applying to join our growing market.

What documents you will need to read

To view documents, click on the red underlined words to open a pdf file.

Constitution and Application Policy

Rules and Safety Policy

What documents you will need to fill in

Vendor application form; Health & Safety Policy and the Stall Holder's Agreement.

Now what do you do -

Contact our Market Managerr or send your documents to the Secretary.


As well as this, you may need to meet Gisborne District Council requirements. For example, if you wish to sell items such as jam, you will be required to use a commercial kitchen. If you are in doubt, again please contact either the Market coordinator or the Secretary.


Farmers' Market in General

In a country that can grow almost anything, farmers' markets are a rapidly-developing Kiwi phenomenon with over 50 operating throughout New Zealand.

As you travel around the country, farmers' markets provide a great insight into the regional heartland and are an ideal place to sample fresh, local fare, meet the locals and experience the New Zealand way of life.

Each market reflects its regional difference with the climatic conditions and environmental changes playing a role in the range of produce from north to south. You won't find the sub-tropical fruits of the north on stalls in Southland, nor is it likely the South Island's boutique beers and ocean catches will appear at markets in Northland.

In order to be an "authentic" farmers' market, each must be a food-only market, with no resellers allowed, so those who have grown or made the food are the ones selling it.